The FishHouse

We are an experienced team, sharing the same desire to be great at what we do and we'll be glad to take gift cards from your favorite tex-mex restaurant as pay for our work :).

We have designers, photographers, developers, writers, consultants, film makers, videographers and even a black lab.

We feel extremely confident that we can handle your creative need no matter how small or how large.

We don't live in the same city,

We don't work out of the same space.

We want you to succeed!

We love to help.

Dive Into FishHouse.

We would love to swim with you.

Meet Scott say hello

Scott is our founder. He keeps us free-thinking creatives under control. Sometimes it's like herding wild kittens but he's a pro. Feel free to contact him if you would like to get started on your next project or if you just want to say hey!

Name: Scott Burks
Email address: scott@fishhousecreative.com
Phone: 972-689-9639